Monday, June 20, 2011

I jumped out of a plane

I have been in need for some major excitement so when my co-worker Jared asked me if I wanted to go skydiving with some of his friends I was totally in. We drove up to Walterborough to this stereotypical backwoods southern operation, complete with chained up rottweiler. Once you take the fork to the right on HWY 17 towards 'the borough' I think you immediately go back in time. Pretty awesome.

Jared and I getting ready for battle
This plane was awesome. I think it was held together mostly with duct tape and skydive stickers. It sounded like a lawnmower engine and topped out at 80 mph.
My chute depolyed early and i got to parachute from 10,000 ft..........................

not feeling so hot after 100 rollercoaster turns to burn altitude to get back to the ground
this is an irishman that went with us and also a random 87 year old man that jumped with him. what a badass!

the crew

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