Monday, October 3, 2011

Surf Station

Took these bad boys down to St. Augustine this weekend. You can pick them up at The Surf Station ( Front to back 10'6 triple stringer glider, 10'0 old school pig, 9'8 noserider, 9'4 noserider, 5'8 quad fish, 5'6 eps/epoxy quad fish. They came out really nice so if you have a chance, go check them out!


Michael said...

Hey was just looking at the 5'6 fish on surf stations site,but they didn't know the other dims for it, do you by any chance have those handy?

RAP said...

15.5" tail with 8" tip to tip swallow
19.5" widepoint @ center
14" nose
2" thick with a flat deck and 'drop' rails to give a lot of bite!
you should go check it out - this design looks a little funky at first but it is what i ride the majority of the time - soooo fast!

Wilson Insurance Auto Insurors said...

Hey, just wondering what size waves and ability level that the longboard pig shape is aimed at. I'm pretty new to surfing, and I've been using a high performance 9'4 in whatever(only board, had no idea about types of boards when I bought it). I like the look of the pig shape with the fin all the way back.