Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Stoked Ride Report from PERU!

Thank you one more time for that badass board!! That board is the best surfboard and kiteboard I've ever ridden I rode it the entire time even on the one waist high day surfing. We got one medium swell that was decreasing right when we got there and then the big swell came in towards the end of our trip. For three days we got solid head, head and a half, and then one day we got occasional double overhead waves! That board held up great in the big waves I have minimal pressure dings even tho I was doing some airs kiting. One day I was riding at low tide and the wave sucked off the rock point break and I nailed my right fin on a dry rock and all it did was have a tiny spider ding no fix needed I was stoked! You defiantly have my vote in the best crossover board made. If you haven't visited Peru put it on the list its a crazy place and has great waves and wind. Thanks for the board I love it.

I dont have a pic of finished board but it was really similar to this one (which also went to Peru on the same trip):

stoked to have some kiters who know what they are doing (unlike me) to order these and put them through the paces.

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