Sunday, April 22, 2012


Today was the funnest day of surfing in South Carolina in a long time. So stoked right now. If you are one of the lucky few that stayed out for the last two hours before dark you have a grin on your face that won't be wiped off for a few days. Some major deposits in the stoke bank today! Hopefully some of the local photogs will post some photos of the day, but I don't think anyone was out there shooting the flawless overhead barreling A-frames during the magic twilight session.......I don't know what happened but the waves just went STOKED!!!!!!!!

mike put up some shots! !

someone sent me this from their phone! magical twilight sesh!


Thomas Brothers Production said...


Anonymous said...

oh yeah ,,, someone flipped the switch . Sore and smiling :)

Anonymous said...

Shit! that looks perfect

RAP said...

yep it was. so bizarre!