Friday, November 21, 2014

Favorite 5'10

here is a story about an old favorite board. a 5'10 - my first 4 fin that was not a fish. inspired by nathan fletcher riding a stretch 4 fin in tahiti circa 2005. i was sanding boards in hawaii and got a hold of a blank that one of the machines went haywire on for free- filled in a huge groove with a railbone and gorilla glue and went to town to get this. i had no logos at the time so i was spraying designs. the bamboo spray to cover the filled groove came out really cool. i fell in love with it after a few surfs and kept finding myself riding it in waves kind of hairy to be riding a 5'10 (i am not bob slater after all). wound up getting some of the best barrels of the winter (and my life) on this board. i had my first kitesurfing sessions on this board. i based my first hotwire rocker template on this board. it has caught waves in hawaii, charleston, obx, and the caribbean! i made a lot of boards trying to replicate the magic of this one for others. pulled it down from the rafters tonight to check out - may be time to make a new one.....

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